(Born 1941)

English figurative painter and etcher.
Subject matter ~ topographical, landscapes and evocative interiors.
Work permanently on view at The Hunt Gallery, England

All our prints are individually produced, high resolution reproductions using a specialist large format printer and ten colour pigment ink set up.  This produces rich, deep saturated colours that have a quality that retains the minute and subtly details of the original painting.

our prints are made on the highest quality cotton rag archival paper and are then sealed with four coats of specialist hard wearing U.V. proof varnish which further enhances the richness of the colour and detail.

Underpinning the whole process is the scanning of the original painting.  To that end, we use a specialist large format scanner specifically designed for fine art reproduction and used by many of the worlds leading museums, art galleries and public collections.

The whole process is carried out "in house" enabling us to maintain an exacting standard of reproduction that is faithful to the original painting.